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Domsjö Fiber is a unique company purchasing pulpwood and biofuel. The company was founded in 2008 as a rare co-operation between the municipally owned energy company Övik Energi AB and, back then, privately owned biorefinery Domsjö Fabriker AB – a joint raw material procurement company.

Through co-operation we have developed into an interesting customer for the forestry. We can receive most assortments from the forest. We are rationalizing procurement, transports and administration and at the same time we are trying to develop techniques and methods for an optimal extraction of biomass from
the forest.




Our vision is to be a significant player in the national as well as the international biofuel and pulpwood market. Through this presence, we support both our owners and possibly other actors with raw material as cost efficient as possible on a long term basis.

Domsjö Fiber is a prime example of a successful co-operation between biofuel consumers and pulpwood consumers.

Our owners

Övik Energi

Övik Energi is the local full service company within sustainable energy and communication. The energy group is very environmentally conscious and contributes to a long term sustainable development of the society in Örnsköldsvik through offering electricity contracts, distribution of electricity, district heating, cooling, fiber nets, steam and energy services.

The energy group consists of Övik Energi AB that is 100% owned by the municipality of Örnsköldsvik, and Övik Energi Nät that is a fully owned daughter company to Övik Energi AB.

In the summer of 2008 Övik Energi brought the newly built combined heat and powerplant, Hörneborgsverket, into operation. The plant produces about three equal parts of district heating, steam and electricity and is run solely by local biofuel.


Domsjö Fabriker

The biorefinery Domsjö Fabriker AB refines the renewable raw material from wood into products with a strong environmental profile. The main products are cellulose, bioethanol and lignin.

The company, whose production units are located just outside central Örnsköldsvik, has 400 employees in Sweden and 15 in the Baltic countries. The revenue reaches 1.6 billion SEK. Domsjö Fabriker is a part of the Aditya Birla Group.

The largest area of use for the main product cellulose is in viscose fabrics and hygiene products, where it is an alternative for cotton. The cellulose is also to be found in medicine and as thickening agent in food to give some examples.


Board of directors

Our board of directors consists of representatives from our mother companies Domsjö Fabriker AB and Övik Energi AB. The chairmanship is altered on a yearly basis between the CEOs of the two companies.

Björn Vedin

CEO Domsjö Fabriker AB


Roland Nordin

CEO Övik Energi AB

Board member

Håkan Vedberg

Head of strategic corporate and business development, Övik Energi AB

Board member

Carola Hägglund

Finance Director, Domsjö Fabriker AB

Board member

Stefan Fällström

Operating Manager, Övik Energi AB

Deputy board member

Magnus Lundmark

Business Director Cellulose, Domsjö Fabriker AB

Deputy board member

Raw material

Domsjö Fiber cares about the local environment and is constantly striving to increase the proportion of local raw materials. Local raw materials reduce the transport distance and hence also the impact on the environment, as well as allowing us to benefit forest owners in our region.

The co-operation between Övik Energi and Domsjö Fabriker makes it possible for Domsjö Fiber to procure several different types of raw material and then distribute the raw material to the production units of the owners.

Domsjö Fabriker consumes about 1.3 million scbm of pulpwood and wood chips annually. Thanks to the unique process of Domsjö Fabriker a flexible range of raw material is allowed.

Övik Energi consumes about 800 MWh of biofuel annually. The biofuel mainly consists of biproducts from local sawmills and the local cellulose industry, but also peat and biofuel from the forest.

Domsjö Fiber is purchasing following assortment of raw material:

Biproduct from local sawmills and the cellulose industry, obtained when debarking the wood


Biproduct from local sawmills, obtained when sawing logs or cutting planks and boards

Dry chips

Biproduct from local sawmills, chips obtained when cutting dried planks and boards


Biproduct from local sawmills, obtained when planing dried planks and boards


High energy fuel that is extracted from local peat mosses

Chipped tops and branches

Tops and branches that after drying is chipped into a fuel assortment

Fuel wood

Dry wood, mainly hardwood, that is not suitable for other industrial use

Industrial wood

Dry wood, softwood with forest rot, but can still be used in Domsjö Fabrikers process


Coniferous wood with too small dimensions or for other reasons not suitable as saw logs

Wood chips

Fresh chips, softwood, from local sawmills

Raw material optimization


Environmental work is strongly in focus at Domsjö Fiber, as well as at our owner companies Övik Energi and Domsjö Fabriker. Domsjö Fiber cares about the local environment and is striving to increase the proportion of raw material from our region. Local raw material reduces the transport distance and hence also the environmental impact, and at the same time benefits forest owners in our region.

Övik Energi

An environmentally aware energy group, that contributes to a long term sustainable development of the society in Örnsköldsvik. At the combined heat and power plant Hörneborg, biofuel from the local area is burned. That has both financial and ecological benefits and at the same time it creates job opportunities in the area. Övik Energi and Övik Nät are both certified according to environmental management standard ISO 14001.

The Örnsköldsvik Municipalily has set the goal to be climate neutral and energy efficient by 2030. Övik Energi has chosen to develop that goal even more ambitiously and already in 2025 contribute to a climate neutral society.

Domsjö Fabriker

Conscious environmental acts in the production processes as well as in the cleaning process, has resulted in the fact that the environmental impact from the biorefinery successively has decreased. Domsjö Fabriker was the first mill in the world beaching to the highest brightness completely without chlorine and is today alone in the world with a closed-loop bleach where there are no emissions at all.

A living proof of the environmental work is the fact that fish is again swimming in Moälven, the river passing the biorefinery. Domsjö Fabriker is certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001 and has a laboratory that is certified according to ISO 17025. Domsjö Fabriker is also in the middle of the process getting certified according to the environmental management standard ISO 14001.

Chain of Custody

Domsjö Fabriker and Domsjö Fiber are chain of custody certified according to the international standards
FSC© och PEFC.

- is an independent, international membership organization that through its certification system works for an environmental, social responsible and financial viable use of the world’s forests.


-is a global and independent organization certifying sustainable forestry. This means an active and economic forest management that collaborates with environmental awareness and social responsibility.

Domsjö Fabriker and Domsjö Fiber are Chain of Custody certified according to the international standards FSC© och PEFC. The Chain of Custody certification ensures that the wood we procure from certified suppliers can be traced to its origin.

Chain of custody (FSC® Controlled Wood and PEFC Controlled Sources) is also an insurance that non certified wood does not come from illegal harvesting, nor from areas where common laws and civil rights are impeded, nor from controversial sources, nor from genetically modified forests, nor from High Conservation Value Forests, nor from endangered or ancient forests.


chain of custody


chain of custody


ISO 14001
environment ÖEAB


ISO 14001
environment DFAB


ISO 9001
quality DFAB


If you have complaints or just want to leave your point of view on how we apply to the FSC and/or PEFC standards, you are welcome leave those here. All matters received are treated according to the strict rules set up by the certification bodies. Please fill in the form below.

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Domsjö Fiber is well placed to take in pulpwood through the Port of Hörneborg which is directly connected to the mill. The port is owned and run by the municipal company Öviks Hamn och Logistik AB. The quay has a length of 180 meters and a draft of 10 meters.

In the port Domsjö Fiber unloads pulpwood for Domsjö Fabriker and biofuel for Övik Energi. On the return voyage cellulose and lignin from Domsjö Fabriker is often shipped to Lübeck for reloading and further transport out in the wide world.

A railroad track is directly connected to the wood yard where the pulpwood is discharged.

We use a few external terminals for storage of both pulpwood and biofuel.



All incoming raw material is measured by Biometria, regardless if it is wood or biofuel. Biometria is a national independent timber measuring and reporting association, a fusion of former associations VMF and SDC.

Biometria is an association jointly owned by the sellers and buyers of forest raw materials with the main task to perform independent timber measuring and reporting. Biometria has a measuring station with three scales placed at the mill site of Domsjö Fabriker.


The wood is measured in solid cubic metres under bark (scbm) by weighing and by atomatized camera measuring.

The biofuel is measured in scbm or tonnes, after which the conversion to MWh is made on the basis of measured moisture content, ash content and energy calculation keys.

A sampling method is used to make the measurement rational and accurate.

Opening hours measuring station:

Monday-Thursday 06 - 00

Friday 06 - 18

Saturday & Sunday closed


Joakim Moström

Logistics manager

Phone +46 660 752 13
Mobile +46 79 142 48 16

Anna Nylander

Procurement assistant

Phone +46 660 752 11
Mobile +46 70 287 62 59

Anneli Strömberg

Economy & administration

Phone +46 660 752 15
Mobile +46 70 236 85 04